Tech MBA, Cornell

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Lehigh University

BS in Chemistry, West Chester University

Skills I have no business having:

scientific glassblowing, bread baking, framing woodwork, photography, off-road racing, laser engraving, dungeon mastering, improv everything

Computer languages I don't hate:

igor pro, svelte, c++, c#, python, javascript, bash

Computing that makes me happy:

igor pro, emacs, blender, gimp, shotcut, unity3D, pytorch, arduino, audacity, embedded systems, nginx, i3, linux everything

Tiny things

tinyphone, falcon, svelte, jetson nano, raspberry pi zero

Volunteer Work

Mentor for Girl Scout Robotics team The Tech Hoppers, K-12 Educational Outreach (Cornell Tech), Science Fair Judge, Graduate School Application mentor (Lehigh, Cornell), International Student Orientation Leader (Lehigh), Graduate Summer Softball League Commissioner (Lehigh)

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